Vocable Art

The surd & voiced sounds of larynx & mouth.

  1. Vocable Art’s techniques de-familiarize language in order to objectify its autonomic effects. The reader performs its rhythms & rhymes.

OR, in other words :

Vokabl art tekniks to TO to in ,, to – uh-huh. To. And THAT itssss P-form-it.

  1. It omits words, reverses, repeats, breaks words into their constituent sounds, changes functions (e.g. nouns become verbs), doubles a word’s grammatical and blah blah blah.


By a and of wich in to wichin wichin! Wich in consitutent it (consitutent’s the verb) and. Yup.

For example from TT,

Once the Shack turns museum, TT goes a band on road. No-uze see mum’s sssign

« Do Not Disturb »

“a band on” simultaneously evokes abandoning as well as its opposite, engaging in the frenetic activity of a band on tour. ‘Museum’ is echoed by “no-uze see mum” which is ‘no use’, and as for « Do Not Disturb » , the character TT does disturb conventionalities.


Ah bah Ah bah Ah . Ban. Done .[pause] DONE ,,,, & oppose it does (speak fast) dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba WHAT’s a myoooo zeee um ? It’s DONOT DUSTURB.

Hughes used Hugh syused-to Hyooz yuzed do call such vokablist compositions makete [mah-keh-teh] from Old Frisian makia / Dutch maken ‘to make’, and the Greek ποίημα (peema) poem meaning ‘thing made’. That was 2017. The term ‘makete’ is sooooooo two zero one seven : over & yeah, get over now in 2018 NOW Hughes’es got over over calls them now YDENTITYK ART.

More than a silly literary device, ydentityk art confounds at first, but (claims Hughes) but (klameshoes) then heals. What ? Heals. WHAT !

Language disease.

Language if humans invented language if I said IF as a tool the tool I I mean Hughes doesn’t yes he does theorize Hughes theorizes we DID NOT. “Invent”. What. I en vee ee en tee. Languaj has taken control of  I won’t say its inventors. But yeah umm [cough] huh. Chimeras conjured torment us by mere sounds. The question’s beeyond Falstaff’s “What is honour? A word. What is that honour? Air.” (Henry IV, Part 1, 5.1.135) which we all in our saner efforts know. Stanislaus Dehaene in Consciousness and the Brain details our unconscious language-operation-effects. Makete briefly interrupt our / that // our // no , that ,, no ,,,, our automatic (yes) word processes, prolong word-awareness in our brain, and so (help) dispel language’s spell. By misspell we de-spell ourselves! Fight fire with fire. If language confounds us; let’s confound language in return, and so free ourselves from our habitual responses to it.

As the home press for the works of Robert Hughes, that’s me, I-I mayk shit up, (but “shit” iz fertilizing) Makete House Publishing MHP offers pieces ranging from sci-fi satire to literature to nonfiction. Hughes’ vocable art works include FACES, TT, 1/F2 NOIZ, and just released October 2018, σάκα (SATCHEL) as well as LEFTOVERS. January 2019 sees the just released nonfiction JESUS ELUSIVE.