I’m a rogue asterzooid, I turn mountain into void, from your blackest black space I hypothalamoid. (I got OC OC OCD I do I do I do everything in threes.) – pĭtă pʊ pʊ pĭtă bĭtă pʊ pʊ – With a superheated shriek I ePINePHRINE the planet, my sympathetic system’s wretching something volcanic. My eyes dilate, I hyperventilate & my heart & my brain both incinerate. (I’m OC OC OCD I do I do I do everything in threes.) – Now I super-tempor-sulcus how my parietal was concussed got to dorsocingulate before my head’s tectonic plates collide collapse and detonate, but I’ve got magma in my arteries that’s got to circulate, and the pressure building up, makes my fiery blood erupt, and as it gushes in my mouth I get a taste. My eyes been out of focus, a lone wolf turned HERbiVORous with the rabbits rubbing noses but now I drink down bloody lava and I could do do do such carnage CARniVORous. I do I do I do

1f2 Noiz

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