I didn’t know what I was doing; I still don’t know what I’m doing, but now I know what I didn’t know, which was what I did. “Don’t I know what I’m saying?” asks Kim.
“Wait! Let me think,” says Kim.
My name is Jamie. (psst! Jamie prefers Jamey but not enough to be consistent. (Why mm I whispering?)) I’m inconsistent. Inconsistently. Sometimes.
“I’ve got it,” Kim recovers. “You don’t know what you were doing.” I did know, but Jamie’s forgotten.
“Do you like popping? I do,” Jamey says to the air on the subway. “POP POP” Jamie smacks lips apart surdly.
“Surdly is not a word,” says Kim. You’ve never met Jamey but Kim and Jamie happen to be sitting next each other, and for some reason you say, “Surdly is not a word,” even though there’s a fair chance that Jamey’s half-loon when chə speaks aloud to no one on a subway-train.
“But,” you add, “Jamey didn’t say « surdly » out loud, so how did Kim hear it?” Then Kim goes, “POP POP”

that is, YOU : go “POP POP”


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