The primary identity of each of us is a response-ability in action. I am that process, as are you. So how do you or I decide and act? Your response-ability is infused by its lifelong conditioning on the one hand, and immersed in a startlingly random environment on the other hand. Superficially, conditioning would seem to determine your actions, but random encounters surprise you, challenging and changing your conditioning. The result is that you are a surprise to yourself! Your responses to life seem consistent, set, and predictable … right up to the moment when they aren’t! We neither intentionally change nor intentionally remain the same, because intentions themselves are merely responses amongst other responses. Our freedom lives not in our intentions but in our unpredictable creativity. I can do anything, but what I will do, not even I can know, because I cannot know how my conditioning might suddenly be nonplussed by my surprising environment. And the greatest surprise is the discovery that I myself am my own environment! I am my unknown environment, and I ambush myself! I am Coyote, and the Roadrunner is not the source of my discombobulation. I flummox myself.

Towards a Unified Theory of Awareness

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