Selections from 44 Panels and Vignettes

from This Actually Happens:
A humpbacked Thirty Thousand island on a moonless night, with the red moon sawing space apart. TT knows stars are spilling, hears lake hissing, drinks the sparks.

from 449:
But where’s TT’s skull, / buried in the ground? / Hanging from a spruce-branch / upside-down. / What’s it used for, / gathering snow? / Wiskejacs nest inside / who know.

from Bateaux:
TT knocks a fist-sized hole through temple, scoops a cup of brain out, smears bateaux et grumes. Ganawaabm. Look! See brain-lobe goop on wood.

from Sunset, Canoe Lake:
Sunset, Canoe Lake stinks of swamp sulfur and beaver germs. It transmits diarrhea. The gold is noxious with the odor of heat. The black smells of rot, of salamander, of beetles and peat.
Dig art – love dirt.
‘Pretty’ gets its money’s worth.

TT – Contemplations on Tom Thomson

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