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Body Wisdom :

Appreciate our conscious ignorance,

and our unconscious awareness.


I call σάκα (Satchel) an automemnoir, because it starts off a memoir, then I forget to talk about myself : I tell a story about a turtle, another about a voyageur pilgrim, a third regarding a new carnivorous Homo species. Yet somehow 1958-2018 gets covered: from the hippies to Fluxus to neuroscience. σάκα riffs off Japanese poet Basho’s Knapsack Notebook, but set in Canada, with (true) stories of bear and moose encounters, of Toronto, of a traditional Québécois farm during the Quiet Revolution. But σάκα is about self-discovery more than history, and so delves down into perceptions, into language, into expectations. I rummage into the satchel, and surprise !