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New Release! January 2019:

Jesus Elusive: The Copenhagen Interpretation


New 2018:


Leftovers presents selections from Hughes’ published and unpublished writings, chosen by the author, and with commentaries supplied by Hughes regarding their composition, intent, and relevance (or lack of such). The nonfiction ranges from Hughes’ most current work, the science-based Ydentitysm, to older pieces that contain telling points for those interested in human identity, psychology, and meaning. Hughes’ fictional excerpts include the humorous, the satirical, the absurd, and the eerie. Almost an entire long story, The Viper with the Human Tongue, is included in the pulp fiction genre. An absurdist play on Tom Thomson that is reminiscent of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot is presented in its entirety. And Hughes’ poetry ranges from the Fluxus-inspired to Canadian landscape.

New 2018σάκα

I call σάκα (Satchel) an automemnoir, because it starts off a memoir, then I forget to talk about myself : I tell a story about a turtle, another about a voyageur pilgrim, a third regarding a new carnivorous Homo species. Yet somehow 1958-2018 gets covered: from the hippies to Fluxus to neuroscience. σάκα riffs off Japanese poet Basho’s Knapsack Notebook, but set in Canada, with (true) stories of bear and moose encounters, of Toronto, of a traditional Québécois farm during the Quiet Revolution. But σάκα is about self-discovery more than history, and so delves down into perceptions, into language, into expectations. I rummage into the satchel, and surprise !

Long ago – 2017, a year or, at least ! – I called this the bodywisdom project. Who counts the steep learning curves since! Ydentitysm Theory’s emerged this 2018 a more detailed comprehensive form of the. Wich of the. More of. Uh-huh. Now in 2019 expanded to cosmic dimensions.