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FEATURED: The unConsciousness Manifesto


We are fooled by our brain and do not know it. We are not who we think we are. We never decide, and we can only know events in retrospect. Any act (including any thought) that we find ourselves launched upon is a commitment to the unknown because the act is unconscious until completed. It pops into existence. We cannot know whether we will successfully pick up a cup of tea or spill it, walk or trip, stand up or stumble. We do not, cannot, know what we are doing, only what we have already done. Life at every moment is an adventure!  This may strike the ear as fatalistic, or self-defeating, or hopeless, but paradoxically it is the foundation of our freedom and responsibility. Neuroscience is providing an entirely new and exciting perspective on our identity.


Also Featured: Towards a Unified Theory of Awareness

Neuroscience is making unprecedented strides in understanding the workings of the brain. In this book, Hughes picks up on these traces to speculate upon a Unified Theory of Awareness which looks to transform our self-understanding as much as Relativity changed our perspective on the cosmos.


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